Intrinsic - A journey into light with sound and medicinal plants


 Inspired by ‘Teotl’ meaning God in ancient philosophy of Aztec non-duality, Intrinsic is an experience and a dancing journey through sound, light, and medicinal plants. 

SuperMoon Conscious Party ~ Svara x Crywolf + Roniit ~


 Unleash your spirit. Express your gifts. Dance to the sacred rhythm of life. Don't feel the need to hold back or dampen your spirit! This is a time to celebrate. There is a feeling of dance and joy around you at this time as you fully recognize your splendor. You are a sacred being who defies gravity every day just by being alive and brings a sense of balance and equality in the world. 

Black Moon ~ A New Moon ritual


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Yaima Live in Bali 2020


 YAIMA is a Cascadian Elemental & Alchemical Electronic Music Duo based in Seattle WA. Creating a finely tuned container for their audience, Yaima weaves an intricate and soothing musical journey, traversing soundscapes with a familiar yet ancient tune- a truly enchanted experience. Yaima's performances have been remarked to lead the listeners on a journey. Yaima has released 3 full length albums; Pellucidity (2014), OvO (2016), and Antidote (2018) 



 Experience the sacred Sound- ritual and movement that is immersed in Nature , Culture, and Art at a sacred temple of Central Bali.